Water Main Replacement in Calgary

water main replacement in Calgary

No doubt you are aware that your water main brings water into your home. You’ve probably grumbled when driving through the city, and you’ve encountered street areas that are blocked off to accommodate work crews. At High Mark Plumbing, we are aware of the hard work that goes into managing a water resource network. Those workmen might very well be taking care of a water main replacement in Calgary.

The City of Calgary takes care of the fresh water and waste water networks that connect to your homes. The city network of water systems included more than 4,650 kilometers of water mains. This network is essential to bringing fresh water to homes and businesses in our area. The city maintains the parts that run under streets and that bring the water to your meter. You are responsible for the pipes that bring the water from the meter into your home. You know how interesting it can get, especially in winter, to keep those pipes in good condition. Imagine if your responsibility ran to 4,650 kilometers of pipe, instead of just a few feet!

If your water has suddenly been turned off, and  you have no idea why, you can learn more by visiting Calgary’s Unplanned Water Outages page.  Communities and areas that have had unexpected problems are listed at the top of the page. You can also learn what you should do in the event of an outage.

High Mark Plumbing can take care of your water main replacement in Calgary, just call (403)407-5750 to schedule your repair. We can help you with your part of the system. We do ask that the next time you pass a city work crew, remember that when it comes right down to it, they are working for you.