Water Main Replacement in Coquitlam

water main replacement in CoquitlamSince the water main at a home or business is located beneath the structure and throughout the property, we tend to simply assume that everything is functioning properly. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When there is a water main problem, there are severe and costly consequences that can be a complex and unsavory project to tackle. Water main replacement in Coquitlam may unfortunately be required.

If you notice an unanticipated increase in your residential or commercial water usage or standing water in the yard, there may be an issue with your water main and you should call HighMark Plumbing without delay.

A broken water main can cause devastating flooding in a building with not only water but hard-to-clean mud and debris and can also crumble driveways and streets, leading to potentially dangerous situations involving people, vehicles and additional personal property.

Older structures, in particular, should have water main and other plumbing maintenance on a regular basis to ensure effective and efficient operation. Newer models can make do with yearly service. Careful inspection and replacement of worn components in a timely fashion makes certain that leaks, weak areas or other problems are resolved promptly before catastrophe can occur.

HighMark Plumbing is pleased to offer 24-hour service for all of your plumbing needs at reasonable rates. Call to speak with one of our plumbing professionals today at (604)945-6060 with plumbing questions to schedule your annual service, repair or water main replacement in Coquitlam. Trust your water pipe system to us!