Water Main Replacement in Maple Ridge

Water Main Replacement in Maple RidgeHigh Mark Plumbing can help with your water main replacement in Maple Ridge. More than that, in most cases, we can do it without excessive amounts of digging. And that is good news for your landscaping and even for the cost of the replacement.

At one time, replacing a water main meant digging trenches. To be fair there is still a small amount of digging involved, but modern technology offers an alternative that is not only exciting but is less evasive and is highly cost effective. Here is how it works. First, the technical team calls up the local utility companies to make sure nothing is buried in the work area. Next, they determine the location and condition of the old water main. If it is not repairable – which might certainly be the case – they discover the best route between the utility hook-up or well and the intake access at the home or business building. Next, they dig a small hole – less than three-foot diameter, and deep enough to avoid the frost line – at each end of the intended new water main. A flexible cable with a powered auger on the end of it is then run from one hole to the other, burrowing its way underground. A light line is pulled back through the hole as the auger is withdrawn. The line is then used to pull a flexible water main line back through the newly made opening. The new water main is then hooked up to the water source at one end and the house intake at the other.

High Mark Plumbing can help with your water main replacement in Maple Ridge – just give us a call at (604)945-6060. We are excited about this new technology and the time and money it can save for everyone.