Water Main Replacement in Maple Ridge

water main replacement in Maple RidgeWhere does the water in my house come from? The water main at your house is connected to the central water main. This is where the city water flows through assorted pipes to get to your home for your sinks, showers, dishwasher and washing machine. If water starts flowing much more slowly than you are accustomed to, there may be a break in the water main somewhere. If you’re lucky, it’s in the pipes from the city main to the meter on your property. That being the case, it’s the city’s job to repair it.

Often, however, the problem is in the pipe between your meter and your house. Now you have to pay for repair or water main replacement. This can be a costly job, ranging widely from $900.00 to $5,000.00. Cost is determined by several factors:

  • How accessible is the pipe?
  • What obstructions (like tree roots) are in the way?
  • How deep is the pipe? The deeper it is, the costlier the work.
  • Is a jackhammer needed to break up concrete covering the pipe?
  • Do you require PVC or copper pipes? Obviously, copper is more expensive. Choices here are usually determined by your location.

Permits for digging are necessary as this is a significant undertaking. As such, only a professional plumber should perform this service. High Mark Plumbing has the certified experts you need for this complicated work.

Call High Mark Plumbing today at 604-678-9440 for your water main replacement in Maple Ridge to get your water flowing smoothly once again. Trust us to provide a professional, timely job in the most cost-effective manner.