What NOT to Put Down the Toilet – Vancouver Drainage Plumbing Advice

Ever had poo water in your tub? If so, chances are that an item that is not toilet friendly was flushed – causing a clog in the drain. Repair costs aside, cleaning the mess is draining (no pun intended). Once a clog has gotten to the point of regurgitating through the drain system – you likely need to call a Vancouver Plumbing expert to return your home to normal.

To avoid Vancouver Drainage issues, generally, common sense dictates items that should not be flushed down a toilet. A gentle reminder is never a bad idea. Plus the fact that there are things that are not quite so obvious clogging culprits. The rule of thumb is that if it isn’t biodegradable, don’t flush it! If you question whether an item will break down naturally – play it safe and bag it – the toilet is not a trash can!

A partial listing of some not so obvious “do not flush” items:

  • Cigarette Butts – the filters are not biodegradable and the chemicals in the tobacco can be harmful to ground water
  • Swiffer Wipes – neither the dry nor the wet wipes are biodegradable; and the chemicals in the wet wipes can be harmful to ground water
  • Sanitary Napkins & Tampons/Applicators – both products expand with exposure to any liquid and can completely clog a drain pipe; plastic applicators travel to sewage treatment plants and increase treatment costs
  • Hair – can cause a ‘web’ that catches particulate that would normally pass easily through the drain system
  • Condoms – although most are biodegradable, it is best to wrap in tissue and dispose in the trash; if a condom gets caught in a smaller clog, it can completely clog the drain
  • Dental Floss – not biodegradable; like hair, it will form a web in the pipes and eventually cause a clog; also causes problems at the sewage treatment plant
  • Chewing/Bubble Gum – think about what it does to your digestive tract if swallowed – the same holds true for your drainage system; gum is heavier than water an will not always ‘flush’ – causing a clog magnet.
  • Flushable Wipes – are not so flushable!
  • Flushable Kitty Litter – can wind up settling in a drain – especially at bends/offsets and ultimately cause a clog
  • Medications – will leach into groundwater and cause issues at the sewage treatment level