What To Do When You Have Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a major problem because of a simple physical property of water. It expands when it freezes, which means that it will exert a large amount of pressure on whatever it expands inside of. A burst pipe is a major issue, and preventing and properly handling Burnaby frozen pipes  is  the best way to prevent burst pipes during the winter.

Unfortunately the places most vulnerable to frozen pipes are those that don’t usually get extremely cold. Since home builders in or around Burnaby  may not have taken the  proper steps to insulate pipes when building your home. 

Identifying a frozen pipe is a simple thing. It acts exactly like you you think it would by allowing little to no water to flow through it. The first thing to do if this happens is to find the frozen pipe. Look for:

  • Pipes that run in the open outside (like those for a pool) or are near the surface of the ground (like those for a sprinkler system).
  • Pipes in uninsulated basements, attics and crawl spaces are especially vulnerable. Garages and underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks are also likely places if the house’s heater is left off for a vacation or during the night.
  • Work your way back from whatever faucet or other water outlet that isn’t working. Test every faucet and outlet inside and outside the house to make sure that you don’t miss anything. There’s no reason to set yourself up to come back to the same house again and again.

Once you determine the frozen pipe, you will need to begin thawing frozen pipes. There are many ways to turn the ice to water, but not all of them are safe. Here are a few tips to thawing out your pipes. Saftey is key, if your questioning the safety of any of these tips, your best bet is to contact a Burnaby Plumbing Professional to properly handle

  • Always keep an eye on your heat source and flammable materials. Do not use propane heaters or other heaters with open flames.
  • Use a hairdryer, heat gun or electric blanket to melt a section of pipe or a space heater to heat an entire basement or attic.
  • Leave the faucets on so that any excess water has a place to go and does not build up pressure.
  • NEVER use a torch to thaw pipes. The extreme heat can weaken the pipes and boil the water inside causing the pipe in front of you to become a pipe bomb.

Be thorough and safe and your home will thank you.