What You Should Know About Drain Tile Cleaning In Airdrie

What You Should Know About Drain Tile Cleaning In Airdrie

A clogged drain is something that happens from time to time and usually just becomes a simple nuisance. However, there are times when it can cause severe, expensive problems at your home that will need to be addressed. One type of drain system that your house might have that you may not even be aware of is a drain tile or French drain. This specialized underground piping redirects water from the foundation, basement or crawl space. There are two kinds of drain tile – interior and exterior. High Mark Plumbing has experienced plumbers who are well-equipped for periodic drain tile cleaning in Airdrie.

Exterior drain tile is often installed during the building phase of a home when another construction project is occurring. It may be added after the fact, but is much more expensive at that time since the drain tile must be dug up for access to clogs or for cleaning, replacement or repair.

Interior drain tile is usually added to an existing home to alleviate water seepage within the basement, crawl space or outer foundation. Since the drain tile is actually under the house, part of the flooring and foundation must be removed to determine the cause of a problem. This type of drain tile is typically not as useful as exterior drain tile.

The way the French drain is installed makes use of gravity, allowing water to naturally flow away from the house. If that scenario is not feasible, a sump pump is also installed to force water in the direction you want it to go.

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