What’s wrong with my shower?

Plumbing Service in AbbotsfordThere are a number of issues that can affect your shower that may require the expert services from High Mark Plumbing. We are well-equipped to handle your plumbing service in Abbotsford.

Everyone just wants to be able to pop in the shower whenever the mood strikes. It’s very frustrating when something goes wrong. Common shower concerns include:

The water flow is inconsistent. Sometimes it’s forceful and sometimes it simply drips. The shower head is probably clogged and needs cleaning.

Our shower head leaks when the shower is supposed to be off! It may need new gaskets and o-rings to create an effective water-tight seal.

• Hardly any water comes from the shower head at all. There is a possible pipe blockage from a build-up of silt and debris.

The single lever handle is either too loose or is sticking. This could be due to hard water build-up or a bad cartridge.

The water temperature too hot or too cold. The shower cartridge or anti-scald valve might need to be replaced.

The shower diverter valve isn’t working properly. In a tub/shower combination, sometimes the shower diverter valve (the mechanism that switches from shower use to tub faucet use) wears down and needs to be swapped out for a new one.

Whatever your shower issue, the professionals at High Mark Plumbing will diagnose your specific problem, repair it and get you back to those nice, hot (or cold!) showers in a flash. Contact us at 604-678-9440 for an appointment to discuss your plumbing predicament and find a solution today.