Who Can You Call For Plumbing In McKenzie Towne?

Who Can You Call For Plumbing In McKenzie Towne?

Buying a new house is both exciting and nerve-wracking. You may believe that your newly-constructed home is exempt from problems with plumbing in McKenzie Towne. Unfortunately, however, that is not always true. Sometimes contractors are not entirely familiar with the building layout, and issues may arise with the plumbing.

Here are five typical plumbing situations that develop in new construction:

  1. Pipe obstructions– Sometimes fixtures are substandard, or they are improperly installed, which can cause blockages. Sometimes the circumstances are environmental, where tree roots impede on the pipes below ground.
  2. Problems with the air conditioner– Poor workmanship and installation can lead to the emission of toxic fumes. The vent pipe from a gas furnace may not be correctly connected. This is quite dangerous for occupants.
  3. Broken sump pump– There are several reasons that this could occur, the most common being a power failure, improper installation, frozen pipes, a defective product, or deficient maintenance. Flooding is the unwelcome result.
  4. Congested drains– Blockage can be due to small objects in the drain, grease, debris, or other items that eventually keep water from flowing smoothly or flowing at all.
  5. Leaking faucets – Fittings that have not been tightened enough or those that have been stripped often cause leaks.

Many technical issues can develop in new construction but mainly occur with the plumbing. It’s important to carefully inspect everything in your new home yourself and make sure your home inspector does the same to eliminate chances that something is overlooked.

To resolve undesirable situations from your plumbing in McKenzie Towne, contact the professional plumbers at High Mark Plumbing at (403) 407-5750. We are ready to assist you with all your plumbing needs in your new home or your older one.