Who To Call When You Need Boiler Repair In Richmond

Who To Call When You Need Boiler Repair In RichmondAnnual boiler service is important to ensure that your boiler operates smoothly both in the summer and in the high-use months of winter. The extra requirement for heating in the colder months is often a cause for boiler malfunction. You can count on High Mark Plumbing for maintenance service and affordable boiler repair in Richmond when you need it. Some signs that there may be an issue with your boiler include:

  • Funny noises coming from the boiler. Kettling causes rumbling, whistling or gurgling noises and is the result of limescale build-up. Air in the system may lead to whistling or banging and failure of the pump can cause other strange sounds.
  • Insufficient or no heat at all coming from the radiator. There may be rust or air build-up in the pipes or there may be a problem with pump circulation.
  • The boiler shuts off. A closed water valve, low water pressure, air or water circulation issues or thermostat problems can be the culprit.
  • The thermostat is not accurate. Old or faulty thermostats lead to improper boiler operation or water that is too hot.
  • The condensate pipe is frozen. Water will accumulate in the boiler and leak out or flood when there is too much.
  • Loss of pressure. You may have a broken relief valve or a water leak.
  • The pilot light is extinguished. You may have a draft or thermocouple problems.
  • No hot water or heat. This is often from a motor valve that has malfunctioned, arrested airlock, low water pressure, broken thermostat or damaged diaphragm.
  • Leaky pipes. This depends on where the leak is located. Age and rust are frequent causes.

No matter what kind of problem you have with your boiler, contact the experienced technicians at High Mark Plumbing at (604) 678-1650 for professional and reliable boiler repair in Richmond.