Why You Should Schedule Summer Boiler Repair in North Vancouver

Why You Should Schedule Summer Boiler Repair in North Vancouver

Are you looking for a professional company that can handle boiler repair in North Vancouver? If so, High Mark Plumbing can handle the job. We have extensive experience in plumbing situations of all types, and we also handle HVAC needs, including boilers and other types of heating systems. If you want summer service for your furnace, we can get your heating system back up to speed fast.

If you’ve never had your boiler serviced in the summer, you may be wondering, “Why should I take care of heating in the summertime when you don’t need it?” Well, there are several benefits to having your boiler repaired and serviced in the summer, including:

Better boiler service availability

Think about it: in the summer, most people are thinking about their air conditioning and their other cooling systems, and they’re not scheduling appointments for boiler service or other heating services that they may need. If you want preventive maintenance for your heating system, you need repairs, or you need to check for leaks, summer is the best time to book an appointment and get fast service.

Staying prepared

When you get your boiler serviced in the summer, you can ensure that you’re ahead of the game when everybody starts turning on their boilers in autumn once the cold starts setting in. Getting your boiler serviced in summer saves you the worry of having boiler leaks and other issues when it’s time to turn on your heating.

Fast troubleshooting

Because people tend to leave their boilers off during the summer to sit dormant for several months, this creates the risk of damage, as boilers can seize up from lack of use. During the off-season, faults can develop that can affect your ability to heat your home, so remedying this in the summer allows the boiler to turn on for a short time to mitigate the risk of faults that develop from non-use.

Faster boiler repair

During the summer, because not as many people are getting boiler service, it is much easier to source parts and other items you need to keep your boiler shipshape. This can be a problem in the winter if you find you have a boiler leak or other issue that requires fast repairs, as most people have these problems during the colder months, especially during the holiday season.

Cost-effective repairs

Many companies can cut you a deal for getting a boiler serviced in the summer because there are fewer breakdowns and boiler repair requests during this time. When you need a repair expert to handle your boiler needs, be sure to shop around so you can find a good deal.

Are you ready for a fast, effective boiler repair in North Vancouver to keep your home prepared for the colder months? If so, call High Mark Plumbing today, and we can get you back up to speed fast. For more information about our plumbing and HVAC services, or to get an estimate for your boiler repair, call our team today at (604) 678-1650.