Will My Homeowner Insurance Cover a Broken Sewer Main?

sewer main cleaning in Coquitlam Smelly sewage and water back up into your home or business from sinks and toilets can cause a major headache with regard to cleaning the mess, the inconvenience of service disruption and a potential health hazard due to waste exposure.

This is why it is crucial to schedule routine sewer main cleaning in Coquitlam with High Mark Plumbing on a periodic basis so that a clog does not lead to broken sewer pipes that are more expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Homeowner insurance typically only covers the damage due to a sewer main break on your property, such as issues regarding flooding of the flooring or furniture and other items impacted by the problem. More often than not, the repair or replacement of the sewer pipe system itself is not covered.

This is especially true if the break is a result of normal wear and tear, aging or outdated pipe like clay. Collapsing pipe, root intrusion or other clogs are considered “maintenance” issues and must be addressed by you as the homeowner. There may be rare instances that insurance coverage will pay for pipe that is newer or still under warranty but that is a question best resolved by your insurance adjuster.

If the sewer main break occurs beyond your property, and is part of the right of way as underneath the sidewalk or street, it is likely the responsibility of the city to cover the expenses involved.

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