You May Need Drain Cleaning in Maple Ridge if . . .

We tend to forget about the inner workings of our homes and businesses as long as things continue to run smoothly and become uncomfortably aware of components when they unexpectedly malfunction. One prime example of this scenario is the series of pipes that are installed in the walls, ceilings and floors of every story of the structure. There are five obvious signs that it is time for drain cleaning in Maple Ridge.

Drain Cleaning in Maple Ridge

  • Your drains are not draining and are clogged. This is likely due to an accumulation of such items as hair, soap and grease. If you have small children, the culprit could also be a small toy that worked its way (whether accidentally or on purpose) into the drain.
  • A sink or tub that drains very slowly is also an indication of a problem. Again, there is an obstruction somewhere in the pipe or drain.
  • An overflowing toilet is always an unwelcome circumstance as it often occurs when the bowl is full of waste. Excessive amounts of toilet tissue and objects that do not belong in the toilet (paper towels, sanitary products, etc.) are usually the cause of this issue.
  • Water that backs up in the drains is not permitted to flow freely through the pipes so it goes the only way it can – up into the sink or shower.
  • An unpleasant smell emanating from the drains could be old food that has become lodged, a hair ball or a small mammal who met his untimely end there.

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