Your Drain Tile Repair in Burnaby Covered

drain tile repair in BurnabyHigh Mark Plumbing has your drain tile repair in Burnaby covered. Drain tile is actually fairly simple stuff – but it does need to be installed correctly. There are different types of drains, but as we approach wet weather and weather changes, your storm drain tiles become more important.

Storm drain tiles are set up to carry rain water and snow melt away from your foundations or basement walls. They help keep run-off and groundwater from mixing with the water in sewer mains, which helps prevent seasonal overflow. If you have difficulty with flushing your toilet during wet weather, then you can be almost sure that there is a problem with the drainage away from your house – or possibly with the mains that connect to your house. Modern technology provides new tools with which we plumbers can gain information about what is going on in your drain system. One of the niftiest for this process is being able to send a small camera down drain lines to get a look at what is going on in there. At one time, investigating leaks or drains required digging up pipes to get a visual of what was going on. With the camera, we can look at the problem and learn whether you simply need those drain lines cleaned or if there is actual damage to your drain system. Frequently, we can even remove tree roots or repair breaks without expensive, disruptive digging.

High Mark Plumbing has your drain tile repair in Burnaby covered, just give us a call at (604)945-6060. Our skilled team of plumbers will use our technical equipment to diagnose any problems, create an estimate, and efficiently take care of repairs. We won’t promise no digging, but we will do our best to avoid it.