Your Plumber in Langley

Your Plumber in LangleyHigh Mark Plumbing is your plumber in Langley. We have the trained technicians who know how to get the job done right, and the ability to do it in an effective, businesslike manner. We take pride in making sure that things that should go into your house go in, and the things that should come out, come out; and that there are no leaks into inappropriate areas, such as across your basement floor or inside your walls.

Once there was a young woman who moved into an old home. It was a rental house, and she felt very glad to find it. There was a big basement, washer and dryer hookup, two bedrooms and a spacious living room/dining room area. The kitchen was a little small, but that was all right. There was just one problem: there was a continuous stream of water that ran across the basement floor. It wasn’t huge – just a little trickle. The young woman and her husband – who wasn’t all that experienced with householding himself – thought that it was just rain seepage from a crack in the basement wall. But then there was a new baby, and lots of diapers to wash. The trickle grew to be a river; to their horror, they learned that the problem was actually a sewer drain line that was leaking!

High Mark Plumbing is your plumber in Langley, just give us a call at (604) 678-1650. If you are noticing water in a place where it should not be, we will be happy to assess the problem, and seek out a solution.