Your Plumbers in Burnaby

Your Plumbers in BurnabyHigh Mark Plumbing has your plumbers in Burnaby. Our team is well-trained and will give your plumbing their fullest attention. They are professionals who are dedicated to their trade.

That is more than could have been said of a political group that was nick-named The Plumbers. Back in the middle of the Cold War, President Richard Nixon became concerned about confidential information that kept getting out to the public. So he assigned some men to find how this data was making its way out into daylight. These guys were called The Plumbers because it was their job to plug up leaks – information leaks, that is. Now, a retired WAC once commented that it is human nature to talk, and that anything that is known to two people has a potential to be known by way too many people. As it happens these Plumbers were none too adept at their job – and they got caught trying to plant bugs in the Democratic Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel – which would probably much rather be known for its excellent, green-colored fruit salad than as the site for one of history’s biggest cover-ups. If you know your history at all, you’ve probably heard of that particular group of “Plumbers.”

At High Mark Plumbing, we expect our experienced and professional plumbers in Burnaby to stick to fixing water and gas leaks – and to be a lot more efficient about it that those historical Plumbers were at their job. If your home has need of plumbing repairs or if you are planning a new installation, give us a call at (604)945-6060. You can rely on our plumbers to do their job and to work on getting your plumbing into non-leaking, efficient condition. After all High Mark is in our name, and that is the level of achievement for which we aim.