Your Plumbing in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC

plumbing in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC

High Mark Plumbing has your plumbing in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC. Plumbing has long been the hallmark of civilization. The Romans had large, public baths which were enjoyed by both men and women. Such baths were not only a place to get clean, they were the social gathering place – much like swimming pools of today.

Water is always a prized commodity. Clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and general clean-up is one of the struggles of civilization. It has only been recently (historically speaking) that humankind has made the connection between health and keeping the privy and well from draining into each other. Still, ancient civilizations devised methods to bring water from far-away places into cities, or they dug wells or even created elaborate catchment systems – some of which can still be seen today. Humans can live up to two weeks without food, but only about three days without water. This puts the delivery of clean, potable water at the top of the list for human needs in any setting – ancient or modern. The old songs suggest that alcoholic beverages might have been prized over water, but one must remember that beverages of any kind are liquid, and that implies the use of water.

High Mark Plumbing has your plumbing in Kerrisdale Vancouver BC, just call (604)945-6060 if you need repair, maintenance or installation of plumbing or plumbing devices in your home. We are available after-hours and on weekends for those emergency calls. If your emergency involves gas (we do pipe fitting, too) leave your building and make that important phone call to report the problem from a safe distance away. Let the professionals (that’s us and your fire department) deal with shutting things off and airing out the residue.