Your Water Main Replacement in Richmond

High Mark Plumbing can help with your experienced water main replacement company in Richmond. A water main is the intake line for your home. The city takes care of the water main maintenance up to your water meter. From there, the water main is your responsibility. We can help you with maintaining that vital line into your home.

Water Main Replacement in Richmond

Richmond Public Works has posted a notice that the 2015 drought in Washington is not yet over. The drought has heavily impacted water supplies across the state, and has also had an impact on agricultural endeavors. Even orchards, where the trees reach down into the earth with their roots, have felt the loss of water. You can do your part by keeping your water lines in good repair. If you have a sprinkler system, you can install a backflow preventer. This keeps water from your sprinkler or irrigation system from flowing back into your drinking water supply. This is especially important where there are cross-connection systems. Wildlife has been heavily impacted in the last year both by the lack of rainfall and by the wildfires that raged across the state. Their distress is exemplified by a photo of a bull moose lounging in a kiddie wading-pool.

High Mark Plumbing has the technology to check your water main, and to help with your water main replacement in Richmond with minimal impact to your landscaping. Thanks to modern technology, such as cameras that can let us look at the inside of your lines before digging or otherwise disturbing the system, we can locate breaks, leaks or problem areas with minimal landscape disturbance. If your water intake has developed a new problem section, then give us a call at (604)945-6060 today to schedule a visit from our friendly technicians.